Single-Cell Transcriptome for Gut Microbiota Samples




Sample: Human gut microbiome (stool) sample

Fields of Application

  • Microbiota Function Analysis
    The gut microbiota consists of highly heterogeneous microbial communities, where individual cells display significant variability in their functional responses. Uncovering the diverse transcriptional states of bacteria on the single-cell level with VITA Platform enables functional analysis of the distinct metabolic and regulatory pathways that drive individual microbial behavior within the community.
  • Host-Microbiota Interaction Studies
    Host-microbiota interactions influence various functions such as digestion, immune regulation,fundamentally shaping health and disease.
  • Biotherapeutic Product Development
    The profound connection between the microbiota and its host highlights the significant therapeutic potential of microbiota to prevent or treat diseases. This insight has propelled the development of living microbiota as a new class of complex therapeutic products. The VITA platform is ideally suited to characterize microbial strains, revealing their heterogeneity and accelerate product development and innovation.
  • Bacteria-Phage Correlation Analysis
    Phages are highly abundant in bacterial populations, significantly influencing genetic diversity through mediating horizontal gene transfer and shaping community dynamics by affecting bacterial survival and competitiveness. Precise analysis of gene expression in individual bacteria and their phages with VITA platform allows researchers to explore the impacts of phage invasions on bacterial function and phenotypes.

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