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About Us

We are a pioneering life science technology company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of single-cell and spatial technologies. Our mission is to empower our customers to break through technological barriers by providing cutting-edge single-cell and spatiotemporal omics solutions. We are committed to deliver novel and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and help drive advancement in research discovery, and applications towards disease diagnosis and treatment.

Our core team is composed of scientists, technologists and experts from top-tier universities and research institutions worldwide with extensive experiences in single-cell, spatiotemporal omics and related life science technologies.

With "M20 Seq" technology, we have pioneered the world's first high-throughput full-length single-cell technology sequencing using random primers, along with our VITA product line for single-cell transcriptome sequencing. In addition, our "M20 Spatial" technology, utilizing random primers and paired with our NATA spatial transcriptome product line, provides the first spatial full-transcriptome solution across various sample types.

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Our Offices
Our offices

How We Get Here

Our mission is to break technological barriers and unravel the enigmas of life and disease origins using next-generation single-cell technologies, pioneering a new era of technological advancements in disease diagnosis and treatment.

Our main team members come from  universities worldwide. We have long been engaged in the research and application of single-cell sequencing and related technologies and achieved globally-leading research and translational outcomes in respective areas.

  • 2021.2

    Company Establishment

  • 2021.12

    Angel Round Financing
    By Qiming Venture Partners and Nest. Bio Capital

  • 2022.3

    Product Launch
    The world's first high-throughput single-bacterial transcriptome sequencing product

  • 2022.4

    Pre-A Round Financing
    By Sequoia Capital, Taiyu Investments, Qiming Venture Partners and Nest. Bio Capital


  • 2022.6

    Pre-A+ Round Financing
    By QiZhen Future Healthcare Fund

  • 2022.8

    Product Launch
    The world's first high-throughput single-cell full-length transcriptome sequencing product based on random primer principle

  • 2022.12

    NGSC Ecosystem
    In December 2022, partnered with multiple well-known brands to build a new generation single-cell (NGSC) technology ecosystem

  • 2023.5

    NC Article Publication
    The achievements of “M20 Seq”s FFPE single-cell high-throughput technology (also known as “snRandom seq”) were published on Nature Communications, making it the world's first SCI paper featuring FFPE single-cell research.

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