Powering Your Research with
Next-Generation Single-Cell Technology


Eukaryotic Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

  • Basic Research
    Cancer research, neurobiology, immunology, developmental biology, etc.
  • Clinical Research
    Oncology, reproductive medicine, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.
  • Drug Development
    Drug target screening, drug evaluation, mechanisms of action (MOA) studies, vaccine development, etc.

Prokaryotic Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

  • Drug Resistance Research
    Even genetically identical bacterial populations display substantial variability in drug resistance-related phenotypes. By incorporating the VITA platform in bacterial drug resistance studies, researchers can investigate the mechanisms of heteroresistance within bacterial populations at the single-cell level.
  • Microbe-Host Interaction Research
    Human co-habitant microbes have important effects on host development, immune system, and the nervous system. Pathogenic bacteria can breach the host's immune barrier and cause infections. On the other hand, host genes partially shape the microbial community.
    By introducing VITA, single-cell-level detection and interaction analysis can be conducted on eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.
  • Microbiota Function Analysis
    Microbial communities are characterized by heterogeneity, with individual cells exhibiting significant variability in their functional responses. The VITA platform enables the uncovering of diverse transcriptional states of bacteria at the single-cell level, providing crucial insights into the analysis of metabolic and regulatory pathways. This detailed analysis allows for the examination of how individual microbial behaviors influence the dynamics within a community.
  • Bacteria-Phage Correlation Analysis
    Phages are highly abundant in bacterial populations, significantly influencing genetic diversity through mediating horizontal gene transfer and shaping community dynamics by affecting bacterial survival and competitiveness. Precise analysis of gene expression in individual bacteria and their phages with VITA platform allows researchers to explore the impacts of phage invasions on bacterial function and phenotypes.

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